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Damian McGinty Interview & Performance on the Late Late Show, Dublin, 24th of December 2011 
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Glee’s Damian McGinty: Santa Got Me the Best Present EVER

Glee Season 3 newcomer Damian McGinty (Rory) reveals the best gift he ever got in this video that’s worth watching, if only to see his now-famous dancing eyebrows. [x]

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Aww :)


Aww :)

"as recently as last week before i came home lea michele told me she’s just starting to understand me."


Damian McGinty.

aw bb Lea. :3

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"My career is my girlfriend."

- Damian Mcginty, The Late Late Show (via mylifeis-mere)

A Holiday Moment

Damian:It’s a little embarrassing, but, um, I was like—I was like seven and I think it was my first time. We’d just moved houses and I—and Santa got me this Thomas the Tank Engine train track. It was the best thing I ever got. I remember playing with it forever and it’s still in my house. Like twelve years later I still have it. I don’t play with it anymore, but, um, it’s the best present you could ever get. Like having your own train track and like Thomas running around with, like, all his friends and—it’s awesome! 

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I just met Damian McGinty and he said that talks about tumblr with chris?

omfg ok I’ll make a post about it when I get home


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Anyone meeting Damian during the Late Late Show taping please let me know!